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Having a pet is a rewarding experience filled with unconditional love and joy. But, there’s an added responsibility that comes along with being a pet owner – providing quality care for your furry friend. From knowing what kind of food to provide, how often to brush their fur, or understanding when it’s time to take them in for routine checkups – the task of taking proper care of your pet can seem daunting for those who are new to being pet owners. To help make sure your pets get all the attention they need and deserve, Page Animal Hospital is dedicating this page to share ways you can provide better care for them!



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🐾📚 Discover Senior Pet Care: Join Us for a Free Educational Event! 📚🐾

By Kanab Veterinary Hospital | April 29, 2024

Mark your calendars for May 15, 2024, because Kanab Veterinary Hospital and the Kanab City Library are teaming up to present “Senior Pet Care Education Night”! 🎉 This exciting event invites pet owners, especially those with older pets, to come together for an evening of valuable insights, expert advice, and community camaraderie. From 7:00 PM…


Associate Veterinarian Position Open

By Kanab Veterinary Hospital | April 18, 2024

Kanab Veterinary Hospital, nestled in beautiful Kanab, Southern Utah, is on the lookout for vibrant, friendly, and qualified veterinarians to join our fantastic team of four doctors. We are a well-established and bustling full-service clinic and hospital specializing in emergency and general practice medicine for companion pets, equine, ranch animals, family livestock, and exotic pets.…

pet insurance


By Kanab Veterinary Hospital | March 25, 2024

There are many factors to consider regarding pet insurance. This article hopes to help you make the best decision for your pet. Medical supplies and equipment costs have been increasing across the healthcare service, including the veterinary medical service. While human healthcare is subsidized by insurance, veterinary care is not. As a result, without pet…

AAEP Horse Owner Education Committee presents, Calm Under Pressure: Conquering Equine Emergencies

By Kanab Veterinary Hospital | March 14, 2024

The AAEP Horse Owner Education Committee is thrilled to announce an upcoming webinar designed to empower horse owners with the knowledge to recognize and respond to equine emergencies. In this informative session, Drs. Allie Catalino, Racquel Lindroth, and Nikki Scherrer will discuss how horse owners can prepare themselves for equine veterinary emergencies. They will also briefly discuss the most common…

Senior Pet Wellness Month – 10% Off

By Kanab Veterinary Hospital | March 5, 2024

Honoring Our Aging Companions As our pets age, their needs change, requiring specialized care to ensure their continued health and happiness. That’s why at Kanab Veterinary Hospital, we’re proud to recognize Senior Pet Wellness Month throughout the month of March. This dedicated month serves as a reminder to prioritize the well-being of our aging companions.…

All-in-One Communication with OTTO

By Kanab Veterinary Hospital | March 5, 2024

EXCITING NEWS FROM KANAB VETERINARY HOSPITAL MEET At Kanab Veterinary Hospital, we understand how difficult it can be when your pet’s health is in question. That’s why we strive to make the process as easy as possible for you. We offer multiple ways to schedule your pet’s appointment and provide easy access to their medical…

New Payment Option – Scratch Pay

By Kanab Veterinary Hospital | March 5, 2024

Scratch has partnered with Kanab Veterinary Hospital and thousands of other vets to deliver access to financing for care to tens of thousands of pet parents. With instant decisions, difficult financial decisions don’t have to be difficult. Scratchpay provides simple and friendly, payment plans for medical financing. The process is super fast and simple. It…


By Kanab Veterinary Hospital | December 20, 2023

The holiday giving season is quickly approaching, and in addition to socks and a new toaster, some may be considering a pet as a holiday gift.  While a furry ball of wonderful is always an excitement on the “big day,” there are some important things to consider ahead of time. Make sure that you have…

Tips For Traveling With Your Pet

By Kanab Veterinary Hospital | December 4, 2023

The holiday season brings the excitement of gatherings with family and friends and often this necessitates traveling with our furry family members. Here are some things to consider when traveling with your pets. When making travel plans ensure your pet’s collar or harness and leash are in good shape and fit properly. Also ensure identification…

National Veterinary Technician Week October 15-21, 2023

By Kanab Veterinary Hospital | October 10, 2023

We consider all KVH staff to be “Superheroes.” During National Veterinary Technician Week, we want to express our heartfelt appreciation for our veterinary technicians who are the unsung heroes of our animal care team. They are the true superheroes, working tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure the well-being and health of our beloved pets. Their…

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